Welcome to https://www.onthegodetailpro.com, which is the website (“Site”) of On the Go Detail Pro, Inc., an Illinois corporation. By viewing, using, accessing or utilizing any of the content set forth in this Site, you (the “Customer”) agree that the following Terms and Conditions of Use and Service shall apply and shall constitute a binding legal agreement between On the Go Detail Pro and the Customer:

  1. Services. On the Go Detail Pro shall use reasonable efforts to provide all services in a professional and satisfactory manner. In the event that Customer deems any services unsatisfactory, Customer shall provide written notice to On the Go Detail Pro within 24 hours after completion of services, setting forth those services deemed unsatisfactory. On the Go Detail Pro will endeavor to resolve all matters raised by Customer, however Customer understands and agrees that On the Go Detail Pro does not guaranty that its services will be provided to Customer’s satisfaction. On the Go Detail Pro cannot guaranty any firm times when accepting your order for services. In the event On the Go Detail Pro needs to change the time or date of services, On the Go Detail Pro will endeavor to contact Customer as soon as reasonably possible.
  2. Customer Representations. Customer hereby represents and warrants to On the Go Detail Pro the following:
    • a) That the Customer has full right and authority to allow and authorize On the Go Detail Pro to perform its services at the location of the vehicle provided by the Customer.
    • b) Customer will remove all valuables and personal items from the vehicle prior to granting On the Go Detail Pro access to the vehicle for performance of services. On the Go Detail Pro shall not be responsible for loss of any valuables or personal items left in the vehicle at the time the services are provided.
    • c) Customer shall provide a location for services that has access to water for use by On the Go Detail Pro, if necessary in the performance of services ordered by Customer.
    • d) Customer agrees that employees, technicians and representatives of On the Go Detail Pro shall have the right to cancel, terminate or discontinue services in the event of any hostile, dangerous or unsafe conditions, activities or environment at the location of the vehicle, in which case no refund shall be issued to Customer.
    • e) Customer shall not interfere with services as they are being provided.
  3. Payment.
    • a) Credit Card Payment. Customer agrees that payment may only be made by authorized credit card or debit card payment. The following are authorized credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Customer’s credit card or debit card will be charged on the date that the services are provided but prior to commencement of the services. If Customer elects to purchase services through On the Go Detail Pro’s Site, Customer agrees to pay the amount presented on the confirmation screen.
    • b) No Refunds. No refunds will be issued once the services have been completed, for any reason.
    • c) Cancellation. Customer may reschedule or cancel an appointment up to two hours prior to the appointment time. However, if cancellation is made less than two hours prior to the appointment time, then Customer agrees to pay On the Go Detail Pro a cancellation fee of $25.00.
  4. Promotional Codes. From time to time and at On the Go Detail Pro’s sole discretion, Promotional Codes made be issued on such terms and conditions as On the Go Detail Pro determines in its sole discretion. Promotional Codes must be entered and redeemed at the time Customer books services and not thereafter.
  5. User Conduct. Customer agrees with each of the following in connection with Customer’s use of the Site:
    • To comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations regarding online conduct;
    • Not to submit payment through the Site if you are under the age of 16;
    • Not to submit payment through the Site using a third-party’s credit or debit card without the express consent of the credit or debit card owner;
    • Not to use the Site for illegal purposes;
    • Not to commit any acts of infringement on the Site or with respect to content on the Site;
    • Not to copy any content, for republication in print or online;
    • Not to interfere with another person’s use and enjoyment of the Site;
    • Not to upload or transmit viruses or other harmful, disruptive or destructive files; and/or
    • Not to disrupt, interfere with, or otherwise harm or violate the security of the Site, system resources, accounts, passwords, servers or networks connected to or accessible through the Site or affiliated or linked sites.
  6. Proprietary Rights. You acknowledge and agree that the Site contains proprietary information and content that is protected by intellectual property and other laws, and may not be used except as provided in these Terms of Use and Services without advance, written permission of On the Go Detail Pro. All designs, text, graphics, interfaces, and images (and the selection and arrangements thereof), and software, hypertext markup language (“HTML”), scripts, active server pages, and other content and software used in the Site are reserved and are the sole property of Red Carpet.
  7. Disclaimer As To Website Content. On the Go Detail Pro will use reasonable efforts to provide accurate content on the Site free from viruses and infections. However, Customer by use of the Site and downloading from the Site, does so at Customer’s sole risk and On the Go Detail Pro shall not be responsible in whole or in part for any loss of data or other damages to Customer’s computer caused by viruses, infections or other causes. On the Go Detail Pro also disclaims any and all liability and warranties for any errors or omissions, express or implied, regarding the content of the Site or description of services.
  8. Disclaimer As To Incidental Damage. On the Go Detail Pro disclaims all responsibility and liability for any incidental damage to Customer’s vehicle that may occur during services provided by On the Go Detail Pro such as damage to wiper systems, wiper blades, antennas and aftermarket accessories. All vehicles are cleaned at Customer’s own risk and vehicles must be able to withstand regular and customary services by On the Go Detail Pro which shall meet local industry standards. On the Go Detail Pro further disclaims any responsibility and liability with respect to any pre-existing stains, imperfections, discoloration, scratches and surface irregularities on or affecting the exterior and interior surfaces of the vehicle.
  9. Limit of Liability. The entire liability of On the Go Detail Pro regarding the performance or quality of services shall be limited to the invoice amount for the services provided. Further, On the Go Detail Pro shall incur no liability for failure or interruption of services resulting for acts beyond the reasonable control of On the Go Detail Pro including weather related circumstances.
  10. Dispute Resolution. Customer agrees that resolution of any disputes arising hereunder shall be brought in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Fifth Municipal District, which the parties agree shall have exclusive jurisdiction and venue regarding any such disputes. CUSTOMER AGREES TO WAIVE ANY RIGHTS TO A TRIAL BY JURY.