Other Services

Additional Services

Customize your detail package by requesting any of the services below. Prices will vary depending on the severity, size and/or number of items needing attention.

  • Stain removal- quote required
  • Paint chip repair- quote required
  • Scratch removal- starting at $20
  • Road paint removal- quote required
  • Headlight restoration- $60/pair (before/after pics in gallery)
  • Simoniz VisionBlade (windshield treatment)- $25
  • Ozone treatment (neutralizes odors, viruses, and bacteria)- $40 plus additional fee for time spent eliminating source of odor. $30 if added to an interior detail package
  • Carpet extraction (for heavily soiled, or stained carpets)- starting at $30extracting is done after vehicle interior is detailed 
  • Carpet/Fabric protection- starting at $20 – protects your interior fabrics from stains from any consumable food product plus make-up, vomit, crayons, urine, blood and pet waste.
  • Interior Disinfection– starting at $15 – For hard, non-porous surfaces
  • Paint Sealant- starting at $75 – uses a blend of polymers and resin to create a protective coating that lasts up to 12 months

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