The Ultimate detail includes everything a Complete detail offers, plus the extras that will make your vehicle look the best that it possibly can and keep it that way for longer. We start with the Complete detail on the outside. Then, instead of using just a polish on the paint, we first use a compound that will take out most scratches, swirl marks and imperfections. That is followed by a polishing step that will bring back the shine. Finally, the paint is sealed with a paint sealant that gives it a mirror look and offers protection for up to a year.

On the interior we will follow up the Complete interior detail by extracting all carpets and cloth seats, giving a much deeper clean than vacuuming alone. We then apply a carpet/fabric protection, which will help keep your carpet/fabric cleaner over time and make them more resistant to stains. We finish by disinfecting hard, non-porous surfaces with a CDC approved disinfectant. The Ultimate package will keep both the interior and exterior of your vehicle looking its best with minimum maintenance for an entire year.


  • Remove front seats (if possible)
  • Vacuum interior including floor mats¬†
  • Clean all empty compartments (glove box, console, door pockets, etc…)
  • Spot clean carpets/seats
  • Extract all carpets, floor mats
  • Wipe down all vinyl and plastic
  • Clean interior windows and mirrors
  • Clean and condition leather seats
  • Apply carpet protection to all carpets
  • Disinfect all hard, non-porous surfaces with CDC approved disinfectant
Cars Mid-size SUVs Full-size/3rd row
$225 $250 $275


  • Remove bugs and tar
  • Clay all surfaces- removes contaminants from paint
  • Hand wash and dry
  • Spray out wheel wells
  • Degrease and dress engine bay
  • Clean wheels and dress tires
  • Clean exterior windows and mirrors
  • Buff paint with a compound to remove moderate to severe imperfections
  • Polish paint to give paint that “wet” look
  • Apply a paint sealant that will give protection for up to 1 year
  • Apply windshield treatment (Rain-X)
  • Clean door jambs
Cars Mid-size SUVs Full-size/3rd row
$225 $250 $275


Cars Mid-size SUVs Full-size/3rd row
$425 $475 $525