Our express detail, may include just the exterior, just the interior, or both. This package works as a maintenance cleaning between complete details, therefore, it is not a meant to be a deep and thorough cleaning. Schedule your appointment today!

You may also choose to disinfect the interior of your vehicle for an additional fee.

*Ask about auto detailing rates for conversion vans, commercial fleets, RVs, or boats.


  • Remove bugs and tar (small fee for excess bugs and/or tar)
  • Hand wash
  • Rinse off engine bay
  • Clean wheels and tires
  • Clean exterior windows and mirrors
  • Apply spray wax (gives some protection, but will not remove swirl marks/minor scratches)
  • Usually takes 1-2 hours
Cars Mid-size SUVs Full-size/3rd row
$50 $75 $85


  • Vacuum interior including floor mats (limit 1 set)
  • Wipe down main vinyl and plastic surfaces 
  • Clean interior windows and mirrors
  • Small fee for pet hair/excess dirt
  • Please note that no stains will be taken out
  • Usually takes 1-3 hours
Cars Mid-size SUVs Full-size/3rd row
$70 $85 $100


Cars Mid-size SUVs Full-size/3rd row
$110 $150 $175