2024 Porsche 911 GT3 RS


2023 McLaren Artura


Ceramic Coating on this Aston Martin Rapide


Ceramic Coating on this 2015 Holden Commodore


Ceramic Coating on this brand new Chevy Corvette


Ceramic coating on a Tesla Model Y


Ceramic Coating on this 2010 Mustang Shelby GT 500


2017 Mustang Shelby GT 350 ceramic coating


2009 Maserati Quattroporte Ceramic Coating


2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500


Complete detail on this 1994 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.6


1969 Ford Mustang


Exterior detail on Jaguar F-Pace


2018 Porsche 911 GT3


Wash, wax and paint sealant on this 1968 Buick LeSabre


Exterior detail on Ford Mustang


Exterior detail on Chevy Silverado


Exterior detail on 1968 Pontiac Firebird


Exterior detail on Mercedes Benz CLK320



Seat removal before and after


Before and after of a seat removal on a Honda CR-V


Seat and trim removal on a Toyota Prius


Seat removal before
Seat removal after


Steering Wheel before and after



Headlight Restoration

Headlight restoration before
Headlight restoration after


Headlight restoration before
Headlight restoration after



Paint Correction

These pics are of a 2020 Kia with 1500 miles on it. The far left pic is before any work was done. Middle pic is after minor paint correction. Right pic is after Diamond Plate ceramic coating was applied. (Notice my hand and phone being reflected)


Paint correction on right quarter panel


Other Details

Decal Removal before and after


Heritage Crownline Complete detail


Garage door buff. What a difference!


Wash and Wax on this Alfa “See Ya” Motorhome


Wash and wax before on 42 ft. Mountain Aire
Wash and wax on Mountain Aire after


John Deere Back Panel Polish


John Deere tractor polish


Semi cab detail


Interior and Exterior on this MB Airstream RV