For the Best Auto Detailing in Peoria IL, Choose Us

Are you getting the best auto detailing in Peoria IL? We know the importance of your time and money at On the Go Detail Pro. Consequently, we are uniquely qualified to give you a great deal. By taking our services to our customers as a mobile car detailer, let’s count the ways we’re the best:

  • We save you time, your most valuable resource. Since you are free to do what you want, you can keep on billing your customers, punching that timeclock at work or having fun with family and friends.
  • Have you seen the prices at the gas pumps lately? We drive to you. Save your gas money for work and play.
  • Also, we let you relax. You have to treat yourself once in a while, right? Have fun watching the game, a movie or that other fun stuff you’ve missed because of your to-do list.
  • We customize our clean to you, with numerous options for a personalized car detailing.
  • Stay clean and green at the same time! Since we are a mobile car detailer, we only bring what is necessary.

Join The On the Go Detail Pro Family

First of all, we understand our customers at On the Go Detail Pro. Furthermore, as the best auto detailing in Peoria IL, we treat our customers like an extended part of the family. We listen to you by catering packages and services to find the right solution. Most importantly, here is what we will offer to you:

  • Remove bugs and tar (additional fee for excess bugs and tar)
  • Clay all surfaces- removes contaminants from paint
  • Hand wash
  • Degrease and dress engine bay
  • Vacuum interior, floor mats and trunk
  • Spot clean carpets
  • Steam clean all carpets, floor mats, and headliner
  • Wipe down all vinyl and plastic
  • Clean windows and mirrors

It’s So Easy to Contact Us

Call On the Go Detail Pro today at (309) 251-1400. Or if you prefer contacting us online, use our simple contact form to get fast service now. Finally, you can find us located at 308 S Market St, Washington, IL 61571.